John Edmonds Kozma is a highly experienced professional with 20 years of expertise in the entertainment industry. He is the CEO and founder of Bang Productions. This company specializes in creating short and long-form content, managing talent, and producing live shows through technology. Bang Productions is a Meta Media Partner and a TikTok LIVE Creator Network Agency, which gives it a massive social media reach of over 100 million monthly viewers and 1.2 billion annually. As a result, it is one of the largest publishers in the entertainment industry. In 2016, John revolutionized the comedy industry by leveraging social media. He signed Darren Knight, popularly known as Southern Momma, and within just two years, took him from the trailer park to the Super Bowl of Comedy "Just For Laughs". This achievement usually takes comedians 10-15 years to accomplish. As a result, Darren became the fastest-rising comedian in American history. This was also the first time any comedy act had achieved national success solely with the help of social media. Consequently, his social media business model became common in the comedy industry.

John Edmonds Kozma, the host of the Unimpressed Podcast, is a man of many facets. He interviews people from all walks of life, aiming to develop new insights about life, starting from the foundation. John's unique and intriguing perspective, rooted in his belief that we are all connected through the Quantum Field, eliminates biases when we understand the structure of life. He is also the author of 'Finding A Perfect Audience,' a book that outlines a system for businesses to develop a pure source of clients. Due to his distinctive personality and intellectual depth, many people refer to him as 'The Reluctant Shaman.' John's passion for innovation and discovery is evident in his constant exploration of new ideas and perspectives. His collaborations with talented individuals such as Nick Cassavetes, Claudia Katz, Armin Van Buuren, and Travis Pastrana have led to the discovery and nurturing of careers like Southern Momma and Ginger Billy.

John, a graduate of Charleston Southern University, where he played baseball and majored in Business Administration while minoring in economics, is a man who values his personal life. He lives with his wife and daughter in Mt. Pleasant, SC, and when he is not busy with work, he enjoys spending time at the beach, playing golf, or pursuing his education in the spiritual space. This glimpse into his life allows the audience to connect with him more personally, beyond his professional achievements.

The Reluctant Shaman

John Edmonds Kozma, originally from Asheville, NC, possesses several spiritual abilities such as clairsentience, clairvoyance, mediumship, and natural healing. He initially counldn't believe he had these abilities as he underwent a spiritual awakening. However, he later discovered his lineage as a descendant of Cherokee Indian Chief W.T. Whitaker. About 12 years ago, after a shamanic journey, his life took a significant turn. He connected with his ancestry, and his life began to change. A moldavite stone found him in Brooklyn, NY, sparking a transformative journey. John soon noticed scalar energy emanating from his hands, realizing that he had healing abilities. Additionally, he found that he could use stones to receive yes or no answers for his clients. Countless individuals have reported positive transformations after seeking his help, including relief from PTSD and anxiety and accelerated healing. John offers remote sessions as well as in-person appointments in Charleston, SC. If you're interested in booking an appointment, please click the booking link.

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